Han Oak

For our Hot Spot this week we ventured out to Han Oak. This Korean restaurant is known for it’s very reasonable chef’s menu, only $59 a person, their fabulous dumplings, and the laid back atmosphere. The restaurant is small, but in the summer they open up the beautiful courtyard and add site a few tables. Most of them are communal so you can even make some new friends!

We started the evening out with some cocktails, all of which have some Korean inspired ingredients. They even have slushy cocktails in the summer months to help you beat the heat. I had the Tamagotchi collins, a gin and ginger drink with a bit of club soda, while our friends tried a coconut, banana, rum slushy, and the Korean goodbye, a rye whiskey drink with black walnut foam. They were refreshing and the perfect start to our meal!

We had to try the tasting menu to be certain that we tried all the best things on the menu. They likely rotate what is offered, but we started with all of the “banchan”, or small sides, on the menu. Kimchi, blistered beans, smashed cucumbers and a corn salad that really reminded me of elotés. The corn and the kimchi were the stars of this course, though everything was incredibly flavorful.

Next up we moved onto the “share” course. We tried the Korean chicken wings, which were perfectly crispy and incredibly juicy, and the Octopus Waffle. This sounds like a crazy concoction, which according the chef’s wife started out terribly, but the flavors all meld together so well you can’t help but want to eat more.

Next up for us were some of the famous dumplings, which deserve all the accolades they have received, and the pork bo ssam, which is a pork belly dish that allows you to make your own rice paper wraps.

We finished our meal out with Kimcheladas, a Korean take on the michelada with kimchi juice, and some dessert. All in all we had a fantastic experience and can’t wait to go back!

Is there somewhere that you want us to go and check out? Let us know in the comments!


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