Farmhouse Kitchen

This week’s Hot Spot is the delicious Farmhouse Kitchen. I have been wanting to try this restaurant since it opened back in 2017! I have been pretty scared by bad and mediocre Thai food however, so it can take some time before I am ready to jump in again. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoyed everything we tried!

The restaurant has an amazing patio mostly under a pergola adorned with wisteria flowers. Upon closer inspection the flowers are fake, which honestly is genius. They look perfect year round and there is no chance the petals will fall into the perfectly plated food. The tablecloths are vibrant and inviting, all set in a casual atmosphere to make you feel very welcome while you are dining.

We started off with an appetizer called Ahi Scoops. The pan-seared Ahi was topped with a chili lime sauce and some dill and served over sliced cucumbers and seaweed salad. They had a really nice spicy kick without being overpowering and was the perfect way to warm up our palettes for dinner.

We chose to share the fried rice with pork and Run Juan Seafood Sizzling, a plate of assorted seafood in a spicy sauce served with blue jasmine rice. The fried rice was mild and delicious and we were given a hearty portion. The seafood sizzle was quite spicy, but not to an excessive extent. The curry paste imparted a very deep and rich flavor that helped give the dish some real body. I do quite well with spice, but the rice was a much needed accompaniment.

We will definitely be venturing back here to try more dishes and check out some of the cocktails. Have you been to this great restaurant yet? What was your favorite thing you tried?

Is there somewhere that you think we should feature? Let us know in the comments!


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