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January is Hot Tea Month and National Soup Month!!

I am getting started early on my January blog, with the holidays fast approaching I want to be sure that I lay all of this out before it is too late.  I will be hosting one business a month with a video interview about why they love Hawthorne.  I will also have a couple noteworthy businesses that fit within the theme of the month.  I think it will be a fun year and I’m excited that you will be able to learn more about all the Happenings on Hawthorne with me

For January, the business of the Month is Pawsitively clean.  A do-it-yourself dog washing salon, (they also have professional groomers standing by if you prefer).  They have a frequent washer program that they offer, after you buy 11 washes, $16 each, you get your 12th free!!!!  Watch the video to learn more (located at bottom of post).

Business for Hot Tea Month;

Drinking:Albina Press, Fresh Pot, or Fat Straw. 

Buying: Hawthorne Coffee Merchant or Essential Elements Apothecary and Tea House.

Businesses for Hot Soup Month;

Chez Machin, Bridgeport Alehouse, No Fish! Go Fish!, or Hawthorne Fish House.

To help you find all these businesses I put together a map.  MAP!!!

The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_HIrBw5Kis


Holiday Stroll

The Hawthorne Holiday stroll was held on Thrusday night.  A block party for the holidays, with roasted nuts, apple cider and hot cocoa.  While enjoying our snacks we had the pleasure of listening to a local band play some folk music and the classic holiday songs.  Portland recieved 2 inches of rain leading up to the start of the event so there were not quite as many people as we had hoped for, but still a good amount of people out enjoying the neighborhood.  After we had our fill of the music and festivities we hit the town, or Boulevard rather, and walked around the different shops.  We settled on having dinner at Bridgeport Ale House, a local brewery and restaurant.  The food was quite good, and the local beer, even better. 

a night view of Hawthorne Boulevard

All in all is was a great night and a success, I think this annual Holiday stroll will only continue to get better through the coming years.

Mid Hawthorne…

Ah Hawthorne, the neighborhood I know and love…I decided to help my business grow I was going to get to know the businesses in my neighborhood a little better. These are just a few of the places that I love, but there are so many!!!

When I want breakfast, the first place I think of is the cup and saucer cafe, they have amazing food all the time, but the breakfast is definitely their specialty. They are located right in the heart of Hawthorne just off 36th ave. I have many favorites when I go here, the basil pesto scramble, the blueberry pancakes, and I can’t forget the apple cider mimosas. They recently added some gluten-free options to the menu with bread from a local bakery, also located on Hawthorne, and they have lots of options for veggie lovers and meat lovers alike.

Powells on Hawthorne is a major staple of the neighborhood, not quite as large as the ever famous “Powell’s city of books” downtown, but it is still, a city of books. Definitely a place to check out, just don’t get lost in the tall towers of books (they have a section for pretty much everything you can think of). Luckily the staff is extremely friendly and willing to help you no matter what you need. There is also a very cute coffee shop located inside so you may read a book inside the store before or after you have decided to buy it.

As a US national register of historic places and a Portland historic landmark, The Bagdad Theatre is a must see. The theatre was restored to its former glory in 1990 by Mcmenamins. I will let you form your own opinion about them as they are not my favorite place to eat, but they have a restaurant located next to the theatre where you can get burgers and their specialty beers. The kitchen of Mcmenamins is connected to the theatre so you can order food and beer and have it delivered to you in the theatre. The movies here are cheap and usually second run but the theatre is gorgeous and a place to see.

This is only three of my favorite places and their are so many more. I don’t want to spoil everything that is out there for you to enjoy, so go outside and walk the Boulevard, at the very least you will enjoy some GREAT people watching. until next time…
Live Lively!!!