Pix Patisserie & Bar Vivant

Hot Spot of the Week

With the most extensive sparkling wine list and one of the finest dessert selections in town, Pix has been one of our favorite stop-ins for many years. Previously located in a Victorian home on SE Division, it was practically impossible to get in due to the small size and large popularity. Thankfully, a few years ago they moved to the larger space they currently inhabit on 22nd and E Burnside. We were recently reminded just how much we love this spot when we hosted our monthly Champagne meet-up on an evening that cleared up perfectly to allow us to mingle on the expansive patio.

We started out each choosing a different glass of sparkling, but quickly moved on to choosing assorted bottles to share so that we could compare and contrast the different regional flavors. The sparkling list at Pix is so long that we could easily come here for months and never repeat a bottle! Plus the costs aren’t prohibitive. While you could buy a bottle for a couple hundred dollars, there are also bottles as low as $28 that are still quite tasty.

A few of our group decided to indulge in some of the delicious tapas provisions from Bar Vivant before proceeding to dessert, including a perfect Spanish tortilla and a few quail eggs wrapped in prosciutto. Once our savory nibbles were done, it was time to sample some of the famous desserts. First off, the macaron selection here is incredible. They make somewhere around 30 different flavors and I have loved every one I have ever tried. This visit we went with the Fleur de Sel, Strawberry Balsamic, and Passionfruit, which paired surprisingly well with our Brut Champagne from the Loire region. If macarons aren’t your fave though, they have many other delectable sweets, like the fig filled with creme brulee and topped with gold leaf pictured above (hurry, it’s seasonal!).

Can’t wait until our next visit! Is there somewhere we should check out next? Let us know in the comments!


Farmhouse Kitchen

This week’s Hot Spot is the delicious Farmhouse Kitchen. I have been wanting to try this restaurant since it opened back in 2017! I have been pretty scared by bad and mediocre Thai food however, so it can take some time before I am ready to jump in again. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoyed everything we tried!

The restaurant has an amazing patio mostly under a pergola adorned with wisteria flowers. Upon closer inspection the flowers are fake, which honestly is genius. They look perfect year round and there is no chance the petals will fall into the perfectly plated food. The tablecloths are vibrant and inviting, all set in a casual atmosphere to make you feel very welcome while you are dining.

We started off with an appetizer called Ahi Scoops. The pan-seared Ahi was topped with a chili lime sauce and some dill and served over sliced cucumbers and seaweed salad. They had a really nice spicy kick without being overpowering and was the perfect way to warm up our palettes for dinner.

We chose to share the fried rice with pork and Run Juan Seafood Sizzling, a plate of assorted seafood in a spicy sauce served with blue jasmine rice. The fried rice was mild and delicious and we were given a hearty portion. The seafood sizzle was quite spicy, but not to an excessive extent. The curry paste imparted a very deep and rich flavor that helped give the dish some real body. I do quite well with spice, but the rice was a much needed accompaniment.

We will definitely be venturing back here to try more dishes and check out some of the cocktails. Have you been to this great restaurant yet? What was your favorite thing you tried?

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Han Oak

For our Hot Spot this week we ventured out to Han Oak. This Korean restaurant is known for it’s very reasonable chef’s menu, only $59 a person, their fabulous dumplings, and the laid back atmosphere. The restaurant is small, but in the summer they open up the beautiful courtyard and add site a few tables. Most of them are communal so you can even make some new friends!

We started the evening out with some cocktails, all of which have some Korean inspired ingredients. They even have slushy cocktails in the summer months to help you beat the heat. I had the Tamagotchi collins, a gin and ginger drink with a bit of club soda, while our friends tried a coconut, banana, rum slushy, and the Korean goodbye, a rye whiskey drink with black walnut foam. They were refreshing and the perfect start to our meal!

We had to try the tasting menu to be certain that we tried all the best things on the menu. They likely rotate what is offered, but we started with all of the “banchan”, or small sides, on the menu. Kimchi, blistered beans, smashed cucumbers and a corn salad that really reminded me of elotés. The corn and the kimchi were the stars of this course, though everything was incredibly flavorful.

Next up we moved onto the “share” course. We tried the Korean chicken wings, which were perfectly crispy and incredibly juicy, and the Octopus Waffle. This sounds like a crazy concoction, which according the chef’s wife started out terribly, but the flavors all meld together so well you can’t help but want to eat more.

Next up for us were some of the famous dumplings, which deserve all the accolades they have received, and the pork bo ssam, which is a pork belly dish that allows you to make your own rice paper wraps.

We finished our meal out with Kimcheladas, a Korean take on the michelada with kimchi juice, and some dessert. All in all we had a fantastic experience and can’t wait to go back!

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Trifecta Tavern

This week we are featuring the tavern and bakery by Ken Forkish. This has been on our list of places to try for so long and we were so excited to finally make the time to go and try it out!

We knew we were going to like the restaurant because we have been a long time fans of Ken’s other restaurants (Ken’s Artisan Bakery and Ken’s Artisan Pizza) but everything was even better than we expected. We arrived in time to try the happy hour which offers a large variety of food for a great price.

On the dinner menu even the most discerning diner will find something they love. There are lots of seafood options, vegetarian options, and even some vegan choices. The food is fresh, in season, and comes out beautifully plated. We finished our meal out with a key lime pie, it’s rare to find a proper key lime pie this far from Florida, but this one was to die for!

If you haven’t been yet, or it has been while since you stopped in, make sure you get over there soon. You will not be disappointed!

  • Trifecta Tavern and Bakery
    • 726 SE 6th Avenue, Portland, OR
    • Open 7 days a week
      • Bakery open 8am -1pm
      • Restaurant open 5pm – 9pm

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After months of hearing and reading rave reviews, we finally made it to Hot Spot of the week, Thai and BBQ fusion spot Eem, and it did not disappoint. Backed by a powerhouse team, the flawless execution of food, cocktails, and relaxed but efficient service come together to achieve an experience that deserves the accolades they are receiving. 

The cocktail menu tends towards the rum-based, citrus-heavy vacation style, and the ones we tried were delicious. Some are served in delightful Tiki mugs and feature sprightly flourishes. Food comes as it is ready, which ended being a perfect pace for always having a variety of new things to taste without having an over-crowded table or feeling rushed. 

On our recent visit, we tried a variety of dishes from all parts of the menu, including a fantastic pork belly dish with fermented pineapple, a burnt end brisket curry, and the simply prepared but outstandingly delicious snow pea tips. The Thai street food flavors melded so well with the smoky slow-cooked barbecue flavors, it makes one wonder why people haven’t been combining them for longer. 

We can’t wait to return and try everything else on the menu, and live that vacation life without leaving our lovely city of Portland.

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Cheese and Crack

This week’s hot spot is the fantastic snack shop, Cheese and Crack! It is the perfect place for a mid afternoon pick me up. With a variety of cheese plates and assorted snacks you are sure to find something to excite your taste buds.

I tried the salami and cheese curds and was really happy with the flavors of the plate. The cheese curds were tossed in a pesto sauce and accompanied by tomato jam, pickled onions, Castelvetrano olives, and pickled cornichons. I have only ever tried fried cheese curds and these were surprisingly light and fresh which made them perfect for a summer day.

They also serve espresso, beer, wine, and assorted non-alcoholic beverages. The beer and wine list changes frequently and is very appropriate for the season. I tried a sparkling rosé and it paired perfectly with my salami.

Make sure you get check this place out, whether it is for a morning cup of joe, an afternoon snack, or a late night pick me up. Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to subscribe to stay in the know about all our favorite places!

  • Cheese and Crack
    • 22 SE 28TH AVE
    • 11am -10pm everyday

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