Trifecta Tavern

This week we are featuring the tavern and bakery by Ken Forkish. This has been on our list of places to try for so long and we were so excited to finally make the time to go and try it out!

We knew we were going to like the restaurant because we have been a long time fans of Ken’s other restaurants (Ken’s Artisan Bakery and Ken’s Artisan Pizza) but everything was even better than we expected. We arrived in time to try the happy hour which offers a large variety of food for a great price.

On the dinner menu even the most discerning diner will find something they love. There are lots of seafood options, vegetarian options, and even some vegan choices. The food is fresh, in season, and comes out beautifully plated. We finished our meal out with a key lime pie, it’s rare to find a proper key lime pie this far from Florida, but this one was to die for!

If you haven’t been yet, or it has been while since you stopped in, make sure you get over there soon. You will not be disappointed!

  • Trifecta Tavern and Bakery
    • 726 SE 6th Avenue, Portland, OR
    • Open 7 days a week
      • Bakery open 8am -1pm
      • Restaurant open 5pm – 9pm

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Russell St. BBQ

This month we sat down with owner Sharon Santucci to eat some delicious BBQ! We had a blast trying the many different dishes that she created for us. Check out the full video!

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After months of hearing and reading rave reviews, we finally made it to Hot Spot of the week, Thai and BBQ fusion spot Eem, and it did not disappoint. Backed by a powerhouse team, the flawless execution of food, cocktails, and relaxed but efficient service come together to achieve an experience that deserves the accolades they are receiving. 

The cocktail menu tends towards the rum-based, citrus-heavy vacation style, and the ones we tried were delicious. Some are served in delightful Tiki mugs and feature sprightly flourishes. Food comes as it is ready, which ended being a perfect pace for always having a variety of new things to taste without having an over-crowded table or feeling rushed. 

On our recent visit, we tried a variety of dishes from all parts of the menu, including a fantastic pork belly dish with fermented pineapple, a burnt end brisket curry, and the simply prepared but outstandingly delicious snow pea tips. The Thai street food flavors melded so well with the smoky slow-cooked barbecue flavors, it makes one wonder why people haven’t been combining them for longer. 

We can’t wait to return and try everything else on the menu, and live that vacation life without leaving our lovely city of Portland.

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Cheese and Crack

This week’s hot spot is the fantastic snack shop, Cheese and Crack! It is the perfect place for a mid afternoon pick me up. With a variety of cheese plates and assorted snacks you are sure to find something to excite your taste buds.

I tried the salami and cheese curds and was really happy with the flavors of the plate. The cheese curds were tossed in a pesto sauce and accompanied by tomato jam, pickled onions, Castelvetrano olives, and pickled cornichons. I have only ever tried fried cheese curds and these were surprisingly light and fresh which made them perfect for a summer day.

They also serve espresso, beer, wine, and assorted non-alcoholic beverages. The beer and wine list changes frequently and is very appropriate for the season. I tried a sparkling rosé and it paired perfectly with my salami.

Make sure you get check this place out, whether it is for a morning cup of joe, an afternoon snack, or a late night pick me up. Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to subscribe to stay in the know about all our favorite places!

  • Cheese and Crack
    • 22 SE 28TH AVE
    • 11am -10pm everyday

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Ruby Jewel

This week’s featured spot is the delectable Ruby Jewel! I am going to tell you that this is the best ice cream in Portland. And I want you to believe me. They have amazing flavors that change regularly, they use only locally sourced ingredients, and you can get an ice cream sandwich, inside of a COOKIE!!!!!

I don’t dislike the other ice cream shops, who shall not be named, but Ruby Jewel gives you classic flavors with a small twist that only makes them taste better. My current favorite is the Peanut Butter Dream. It is peanut butter ice cream, with peanut butter cups and swirls fo chocolate. It is truly to die for. I would recommend getting it inside of some chocolate chip cookies. They bake those fresh for you also!

With 5 locations, this ice cream shop is easy to find no matter where you are in the city. Let us know what you think!

  • 4703 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
  • 1650 NW 23rd Ave
  • 3713 N Mississippi Ave.
  • 428 SW 12th Ave
  • 9585 SW Washington Square Rd.

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Our hotspot of the week this week has truly been one of my favorite restaurants in Portland for many, many years now. Acadia Bistro has such consistently wonderful food, drinks, and service that the only explanation I have for why is isn’t perpetually packed is that it’s longevity in a city obsessed with ‘new’ makes it almost like a well-guarded secret between friends.

The menu walks a wonderful balance of maintaining the classic New Orleans dishes that transport you immediately to the bayou, and introducing new innovations and seasonal ingredients from the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. It would constitute a cardinal sin to miss out on the BBQ shrimp as a starter, jumbo head-on Gulf shrimp bathed in a pan-sauce so decadent you will dream about it for weeks afterwards. The Hushpuppies are another wonderful opening, fluffy fried batter of cornbread and seasonings, doused with a spicy-sweet orange and horseradish marmalade.

The beautiful conundrum of the entrees is that I can never figure out which is my favorite, and so have learned that I have to bring at least 3 people with me so we can share everything family-style. On a recent visit we all thoroughly enjoyed the Fried Soft-shell Crab with Crawfish Etouffee, the impossibly tender Hangar Steak, the light and balanced Seabream topped with blue crab and brown butter sauce, and a Pork Chop that was practically the size of my head and juicier than I knew a pork chop could be.

The desserts and cocktails aren’t to be missed either. My Vieux Carre was perfectly rich and boozy, and the housemade ice creams are what Salt and Straw wishes they could be. My recent go-to ‘genius move’ is to get a scoop of the Sea Salt Brown Butter on top of the outstandingly delicious Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding. You can thank me later.

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A visit to our hotspot of the week Delores turned my expectations upside-down instantaneously. The décor, rife with giant pink flamingos and fronds, has a sort of Miami in the 80s vibe, but in chic way, which wasn’t quite what I was anticipating from Portland’s newest Polish restaurant. The soaring ceilings and scope of the murals make the space feel more modernist than cozy, which created a pleasant contrast with the menu and speed of service, both warm and inviting.

I chose to set the stage for the upcoming Polish feast appropriately with the Valentina, a smooth and icy vodka martini adorned with a foie gras stuffed olive and my companion enjoyed the Hotel Cortez, a rich bourbon cocktail with a deliciously smoked cherry adding a whiff of campfire.

We started with the happily seasonal asparagus dish, in part because I haven’t had the chance to enjoy nearly enough of my favorite fruit of the forage this year, morel mushrooms, and in part because my dining companion will order anything that involves a poached duck egg. We were both quite pleased by the balance of the bright and the earthy, and the plate was quickly emptied.

The leek pierogi and beef tartare were our next conquests, the tartare one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of eating, and the pierogi, outstanding in their own right, were further elevated with little dollops of caviar decorating the tops. We continued with the dish of braised rabbit with carrot spaetzle, so warm and cozy that I could have been in my grandmother’s kitchen rather than a lovely restaurant in the heart of the city.

It seemed to me that the unifying idea behind Delores was that everything had some touch that felt like an extra special treat, be it the caviar atop the pierogi, the foie stuffed olive, or the smoked cherry in the Hotel Cortez cocktail. I can’t wait to return and I hope that they continue producing these delightful and nuanced dishes for many years to come.

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